The Problem

It is well known the need for companies to have an effective solution for the identification of the products they must store and safeguard (supplies, raw materials, consumables and others), since they are part of their assets.

In this case, an international company in the aluminum sector, executed its processes manually with the use of spreadsheets and input-output vouchers that were loaded into the management system, with the consequent error in the transcription of the information from the documents to the administrative database.The cycle count and gap analysis were also done manually.

The Solution

A mobile solution was developed, it allows to perform the tasks of data collection of warehouses and incorporate identification with barcode labels to the materials stored there. Such a solution was supported with mobile devices that allow to perform the typical operations of inventory, such as: dispatch of materials, control counts, relocations and stock inquiries. The system is on-line integrated with SAP.

The solution allows to know the position of stock of the pieces: location, reserves and others, to consult pending orders of reception and to realize the entrance of received quantities. It also allows carrying out the tasks of inventory cycle counting in all its phases ( from initial counting to gap analysis), making the outputs of materials from dispatch based on reserves or other reasons and reallocating materials.

The Results

Since the solution was implemented, the benefits for the business were:

● Time reduction and process optimization due to the elimination of data transcription.
● Higher control and supervision of tasks; the data taken by the operators are transmitted directly to the administrative system, when synchronizing or online.
● Higher visibility of the business due to the availability of the required information.
● Cost reduction in processing time and printing of long inventory control lists that the system manages electronically.
● Better service for internal customers.
● Improvement in the correct identification of materials.