Mobile Field Order Taking System



Our client, a company specializing in the manufacturing and sale of a wide range of custom-made curtains and accessories for curtains, rails, and rods, needed to digitally transform its sales process. This process was carried out through two channels: one through its Direct Sales Representatives and the other through sales representatives of Authorized Distributors across the country.
The order taking process from distributors was mainly managed through a call center. Each distributor made phone calls attended by trained operators, and the specifications for the curtains to be manufactured were transmitted over the phone.
The process itself was not without errors. In fact, from time to time, errors occurred in the chain of people involved in the order taking process, resulting in the manufacture of curtains that, for various reasons, did not meet the customer’s requirements or did not fit where they were intended to be installed, among other detractors affecting the final customer’s perception of the service.


Our solution, based on mobile devices, had the following business objectives: eliminate manual errors in the order-taking process; eliminate errors caused by improper combinations of components and accessories; allow field sales representatives to collect data and ensure the selection of correct parts and accessories; align the staff with a work methodology through the implementation of the process in the application; incorporate multimedia files such as photos taken at the site to validate feasibility with the company’s architects; digitally integrate the ERP and Order Taking System to streamline the creation of new Manufacturing Orders in the manufacturing system; expedite the quotation process by sending quotes to customers via email.
The system architecture consists of two subsystems:
  • A native mobile application running on Android and iOS to manage, control, and track orders. The application is designed to work offline and synchronize when a Wi-Fi connection is available.
  • A web application to manage basic system data, such as users and permissions, categories, products, items, distributors, and more. It also allows users to view reports and dashboards with process indicators.


The solution was successfully deployed in production and seamlessly integrated with the management ERP. The company has not experienced any errors in order taking through this channel since the implementation.
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