The Opportunity

Our client, an international seamless pipe manufacturing company for the oil & gas field, required an automation solution for its final line of tubes manufacturing, composed of a series of autonomous machines purchased from specialized suppliers.

The line is composed of a series of 7 stations , where the tubes are subject to a sequence of tests, inspections and specific finishing treatments, until their packaging and dispatching.

The Solution

The Solution The solution involved the software development of seven Rockwell RSLogix-5000 PLCs, the development of user interfaces for operations and maintenance as well as on-site deployment.

The scope of the project covered the whole life cycle, beginning with the survey and construction of the functional descriptions, basic engineering, development of sequencers, programming of communications between the PLCs and the power controllers, simulation for testing of the programs, on-site deployment and training.

The team was composed of eight full-time Engineers and two part time Engineers in an Off-Shore service model.

The Results

With the solution the production environment, the benefits for the business were:

● Reduction of time and optimization of production processes.
● Higher control and supervision of production processes.
● Higher visibility of the business due to the availability of information in each process zone
● Cost reduction in processing time.
● Improvements in product quality.