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Smart Factory

Our experience and technological expertise allow us to carry out projects with On-Site Agile and Nearshore Agile modalities.
We provide technical advice based on a deep round-trip; performing a previous analysis that allows the development and design of agile, creative, strong and effective solutions.
On-Site Agile
Our collaborators work within the client’s organization, leveraging the proximity to the operational processes, adopting the culture and methodologies and also bringing our agile methodologies for greater integration in the projects, better understanding of the business and its requirements along with its “pain points”. The benefit for you is to have agile answers and solutions, mainly within environments with changing requirements and scenarios where the logic and detail to the business and its processes are complex or very specific.
Nearshore Agile
We use Agile Contracts to develop Industrial Analytics projects by assigning work teams remotely, with a Project Manager interacting itinerantly between our clients’ offices and our offices in order to strengthen the levels of proximity and communication. With an optimal interaction between the Project Manager and his On-site counterparts, we guarantee the productivity, usability and functionality of the developed models and systems.
We enhance strengths and deliver creative, safe and effective solutions.

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