Integration of Messaging Services for Mobile Operator



The USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) technology is a standard service in GSM mobile networks, similar to SMS, which allows the transmission of information over signaling channels and provides an alternative to traditional data channels (GPRS, UMTS) for accessing interactive information services. In USSD technology, for communication to occur, both the sender and the recipient must be connected to the network at the same time, unlike SMS, which is similar to email, where the sender and recipient use an intermediate device that stores the data, so they don’t need to be connected to the network simultaneously.
Our client developed a solution called “USSD Center” for the Mobile Operator market. This enables the rapid implementation of new interactive data services within their existing network, adding value to their core services.
In this context, we were called upon to develop a central component of the solution: the “Integration Hub” with the legacy backend services of the Mobile Operator, an ecosystem of heterogeneous services with different protocols, platforms, messaging systems, and APIs.


A solution was developed that exposes a SOAP interface for services, a unified API built on a well-tested multilayer architecture: presentation, business logic, persistence, and security. The integration hub was built in independent modules using technologies that minimize maintenance and maximize scalability.
The solution supports the following interfaces to backend services: proprietary messaging over Sockets, Oracle Tuxedo, ASN.1 (BER) over TCP/IP, and operations on various databases. A special requirement of this solution that impacted the architectural design was the need for high performance (number of transactions per second) under conditions of high concurrent access load.


The solution was successfully implemented in the leading Mobile Operator in Ecuador and Latin America, allowing our client to meet its ATP (Acceptance Test Procedure) and certify its services.
This enabled the Mobile Operator to achieve the goal of launching an extensive portfolio of services, including mobile top-ups, balance inquiry, and transfer services, both for prepaid and postpaid schemes.

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