We work through a comprehensive look

Path and innovation in Engineering and IT

We are a company specialized in maximizing the efficiency of the business processes of industries and companies. We have been working for more than 20 years in three major sectors: Manufacturing, Services and Telecommunications. We have success stories in each field and hundreds of implemented projects that support us.

Our proposal consists in adding value to the processes achieving competitiveness and constant improvement. We do this through a holistic vision of business problems, with an interdisciplinary view that combines electronic engineering with systems engineering and a large dose of innovation.

An interdisciplinary philosophy

We combine imagination, technical quality, versatility and efficiency.

We are an open, flexible and committed organization with every project we carry out. We are imaginative to solve problems of different kinds because we believe that there resides the key to innovation.

We advocate technological excellence, research and innovate to generate new technologies and new products that are capable of solving complex and challenging problems.

We promote the development of our solutions, starting from a holistic view of the problems, understanding that the best results are obtained when the problems are observed from the perspective of “everything”.

The technical expertise of more than 20 years allows us to approach the projects with a methodology based on continuous improvement and the detection of key points.

ISO-9001 Certification

Logo ISO 9000 Tecnoap

In our headquarters, Argentina, we have ISO 9001-2015 certification.

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Quality Politics

Our commitment to quality

a) We adopted a quality management system as a long-term strategy for the delivery of services, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, including the requirements of the 2015 version.

b) Manage quality taking into consideration the Stakeholders of our context:

  • The customers
  • Ours contributors
  • The regulations to which we must comply
  • Shareholders


c) Understand the current and future needs of our clients, satisfy their requirements and strive to exceed their expectations. Do it with a Holistic Vision of the problems, understanding that the best results are obtained when the problems are observed from the perspective of the “whole”, and not from the sum of the parts that compose it.

d) Improve the competitiveness of the organization by developing new differentiators as a result of incorporating innovation as a key and managed organizational process.

e) Develop new business models, products and services that allow us to expand our offer, based on our core competencies, to generate new market proposals synergized with our know-how.

f) Managing Human Talent, to retain and attract the key human capital for the development and growth of our organization, acting on the unsatisfactory that increase turnover, and at the same time on the satisfactions that affect the motivation and affiliation of people. Adopting proven and effective best practices.

g) To provide a pleasant internal work environment in team that motivates our collaborators to reach their maximum potential and satisfaction in their task and thus achieve more effectively the objectives set.

h) Encourage the continuous improvement of the performance of the processes, training and developing our staff for this purpose, as a mutually beneficial activity for the professional growth of our employees, and therefore for the organization.

i) Maintain a mutually beneficial customer-supplier relationship not only applicable to external customers, but also to the internal structure of TecnoAp, involving all its sectors and its suppliers.

j) Ensure strict compliance with the regulations to which we are subject, increasing the mechanisms for monitoring, control, detection and mitigation of risks. As a final result of the above, make TecnoAp a profitable and financially sustainable organization in the long term.

Our history

Each step a milestone to grow
 Tecnoap Timeline


We started operations in the field of Industrial Automation, having as clients the most important business groups in Argentina. We are well known for tackling challenging projects that directly affected the core of production, true critical mission systems that need the integration of diverse knowledge, skills and technologies.


Then, based on our experience in the field of Industrial Automation, we were pioneers in applying the rigor of critical mission criteria in the field of Software Engineering. We expanded our activities in new markets by diversifying the business and positioning ourselves globally. We developed software solutions and business applications. We operate in Mexico and carry out projects for several countries, including the US and Latin America.