The Opportunity

Our client’s core is the assembly of consumer electronics, white goods and automotive products. It has, among other dependencies, production plants in Tierra del Fuego, where different assembly lines are operating. Our client was negotiating agreements with different international manufacturers for the assembly of their products in the country, and it was mandatory by these manufacturers to have an adequate manufacturing control system, so they could certify the operation in their production lines.

The Solution

Tecnoap designed a solution that could inform all the events happening in the floor of the Production Lines, station by station.

A Shop Floor Control was developed, it operates in a close link with the ERP of the organization, forming both the Integrated Manufacturing System “IMS”, which allows, through KPI tracking, to have visibility on the traceability of the product, the measurement of efficiencies, the management of the status and quality circuits and the material balance.

The Results

The project exceeded customer expectations , and currently the SFC is implemented in most of the consumer electronics product assembly lines and printed circuit board manufacturing lines.

As a result of the operational improvement that Tecnoap has provided through its SFC, the customer has successfully overcome international audits which meant an indispensable requirement for currently being able to assemble brand world class products.